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Stainless Steel Machining Services

AT Precision provides custom stainless steel machining services for companies worldwide. Stainless steel machining includes a wide variety of stainless steels, each having unique machining characteristics and challenges. AT Precision has extensive experience with machining components from:

Austenitic (non-magnetic):
These stainless steel grades include 303, 304, 316, and 321. These grades can't be hardened by heat treating but offer very good corrosion resistance. They vary greatly in machinability. 303 offers fairly easy stainless steel machining; 316 and 321 are much more challenging stainless steels to machine.

Our experience with these grades of stainless steel gives us an advantage over other shops who do not work with them on a regular basis. For example, even though these grades cannot be hardened, they can be unintentionally work-hardened. Stopping in the middle of a cut, or a tool that stops cutting and starts rubbing instead, causes the material to become extremely hard (to the point where the machined stainless steel part becomes scrap).

Austenitic grades of stainless are non-magnetic. However, we have observed that some austenitic stock has a slight magnetism which, in some cases, can negatively impact the finished product. AT Precision has the capability to detect and correct this condition.

Martensitic (magnetic):
These stainless alloys include 410, 416, and 440c. These alloys can be heat-treated and are fairly easy to machine, but offer less corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless steel. Our experience shows us that some of these grades can be machined as fast as some grades of cold rolled steel. A good understanding of each of these grades allows AT Precision to maintain an edge over the competition. We apply new cutting tool technology for faster cycle times and lower costs.

Ferritic (magnetic):
The most common grade is 430. It cannot be heat treated but offers good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and has very good mechanical properties.

Other Grades:
There are also other grades of stainless steel such as precipitation hardening stainless. 17-4 is the most common of this type of stainless. Because it can be heat treated, it offers high strength and hardness, and has corrosion resistance close to 304.

For stainless steel machining pricing, please share details about your project with us. We will provide a no-obligation quotation as quickly as possible.

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