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AT Precision is equipped to work with any documentation or Gerber data via FTP, email, CD, 1:1 CAD photography, or blueprints. Using a word processor such as NotePad or Word, make a document that includes:

1. your name
2. your company name
3. phone number
4. fax
5. brief description of each file included
6. any other information you think we should know about the files

Save this file as "readme.txt". Gather all of your files, including your readme.txt file. Name your file(s) in a manner that tells us your company name and the date you submitted the drawing. For example, if you submitted a drawing on March 10th, you would use the following file name: "companyname0310.doc"

Send your files to . Call us at (847) 509-5848 with any questions.

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